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The vast majority of crypto wallets are just that — a program that holds funds. They facilitate secure storage, transmission, and reception of digital assets. But that’s typically where their usefulness ends.

Moreover, if they’re the type that won’t bother to interact with any other coin or token but their own — the ubiquitous ‘QT’ wallet, for example — functionality is severely limited.

Now, if cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are to enjoy time in the limelight, we need DApps that are intuitive and simple while at the same time familiar and multi-purpose.

Multi-DApp provider — Mixin Network — created just that. The project’s Messenger DApp packs interactivity with the world’s most active blockchains into one convenient download.

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But before we get too deep, there’s something you should know…

Disclaimer: This is not investment or financial advice. I’m not a financial expert by any stretch of the imagination. Information within this article is primarily personal opinion.

I may or may not receive a small allocation of tokens for creating this content. That said, I do my best to remain unbiased and fair. I try to avoid all FOMO and FUD and don’t wish to evoke those emotions in my fellow crypto-nuts.

Unifying 12 Public Blockchains

The Mixin Network’s mantra is “Mix all blockchains in one network.”

One main benefit of open-source public ledgers is that anyone with the proper skills can improve and build on top of them.

Want to fork it, link it to another chain, or try to make it faster?

Code your heart out, Mr. Programmer!

Team Mixin built a UXTO-using, loose-mesh, kernel node-powered DAG and gave it aBFT to achieve 1,000,000,000,000 TPS with zero transaction fees and sub-second final confirmations.

The overall scope of the Mixin Network is to provide cross-chain DApp & asset interoperability with $BTC plus these networks:

$BCH | $DASH | $DOGE | $EOS | $ETC
$ETH | $LTC | $SIA | $XRP | $XEM | $ZEC

Each of the above’s native coin or token automatically show up as options within Messenger. Adding others to your wallet is as simple as swiping to the bottom of the DApp and hitting the ‘+ Add assets’ button.

First on the list of add-ons is $XIN, the Mixin Network’s native currency. I counted 60 others listed within the DApp by default (excluding the secondary listing of $USDT), and loads more are searchable.

You’ll recognize big names like $BAT & $POLY & $OMG & $ZRX, but some obscure projects are also in the mix. Maggie Token, anyone?

Simplified, Message-based Payments


Not exactly easy to remember, is it? Feel free to send $ETH or any ERC20 tokens to that address, however. Be my guest ;-)

Currently, if I wanted to send a friend some crypto, I’d typically need a similar address.

The Messenger DApp overcomes this crypto nuance in two ways:

1) 8-digit user IDs

No case-sensitive issues to worry about. No mistaking the number 0 for the letter O. However, even though a short set of numbers is much easier to deal with than 42 characters, point #2 negates the need…

2) Contact import

With your permission, the DApp brings in all of your contacts’ information. And if the person you’d like to transact with isn’t part of the Mixin Network, you can use the DApp to invite them.

Now you have the means to transact on all the top chains, on a P2P basis. And in this instance, you know exactly who all those P’s are!

A gateway to your crypto-buds, and Team Mixin is baked right in

Conveniently Familiar

Everything within the Messenger DApp is straightforward.

You already know how to operate a smartphone? Great! You’ll feel right at home here.

Scanning QR codes may be the most challenging thing you encounter.

Member-to-member messages are cryptographically private.

Think scrambled text messages.

Simple Setup

What’s it take to get up and running? Well, besides the obvious smartphone to install on, you need only two pieces of info:

  1. An email address. Got one of those already? Of course you do!
  2. A 6-digit PIN. Now, here’s where things get serious.
Whatever you do, DON’T lose your PIN. The importance of these 6 numbers is extremely obvious during use as well as the setup of the Messenger DApp.

You’ll be expected to confirm a chosen PIN 4 times during setup, and periodically as you go about transacting and messaging. Team Mixin wants to drive this point into your skull: Lose your PIN, lose your funds.

Be careful with that!

Final thoughts…

The Mixin project’s Messenger DApp delivers on the promise of giving smartphone-savvy the means to easily interact with blockchain projects.

Rather than chains operating as digital islands, they’re bridged to create an interconnected archipelago.

Not only can you send and receive cryptocurrencies on a P2P basis, but you also have the means to withdraw funds to exchanges should the need arise.

Similar wallets I’ve added to my phone lack a withdrawal feature. You can buy and sell with fiat, but can never send to another wallet.

Crytpo wallets can be intimidating and daunting, especially for those who are somewhat afraid of technology.

Giving them the means to easily and freely interact with some of the world’s most dominant blockchain projects is precisely what the cryptosphere needs.

The project wants to break down the walls of the silos in which most blockchains operate. Tying them all together makes them approachable while increasing usefulness.

Even for the tech-savvy out there, running multiple wallets can be a drag. The means to consolidate and interact with different chains is a welcome addition to any crypto enthusiast’s smartphone.


It’s always a good idea to formulate your own opinion before getting involved with any blockchain projects.

Dig a little deeper into this one if you think you may want to participate.

Here are some Mixin resources to get you going:

Website | Whitepaper

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Facebook | Gitter | GitHubMedium

Reddit | Telegram | TwitterYouTube

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