KoinFox goes beta live with the world’s first bracket trading crypto platform

KoinFox goes beta live with the world’s first bracket trading platform on global Exchanges

KoinFox today announced the beta launch of its integrated platform for crypto traders. KoinFox is the most Intelligent, Faster & Profitable way to TRADE in crypto. It helps crypto investors to trade profitably without the hard work, using its intelligent trading platform. It offers you to store exchange keys and your assets on your very own native wallet.

Koinfox is the first of it’s kind crypto trading platform, powered by its own consensus algorithm (POR: Proof of Reputation) and executed from native wallet. It enables crypto traders to be able to trade and reap benefits of the crypto asset volatility using various technology enabled intelligent tools allowing them to diversify their risks and reap the rewards.

This unique integrated crypto platform comes with three key features:

Intelligent Trading Tools — Automation & Intelligent tools for individual investors to trade profitably

Multiple Exchanges — Easily trade on multiple exchanges using one single platform

Multi Chain Wallet — The KoinFox native Wallet allows you to store, earn, trade and spend any digital currency along with your exchange keys to link your entire crypto ecosystem.

The Crypto community has seen in the past, huge gains and vis a vis downfall of various crypto assets which makes them as one of the most volatile asset class as on today. This puts it in a high risk and high gain class of assets.

The mission of KoinFox is to help crypto investors trade profitably by enabling them to execute better decisions using our intelligent trading platform.

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During this beta launch, the platform offers users free access to its Bracket Trading Simulator with a loaded dummy tokens worth US$30,000. This can be used to practice the trading skills using brackets with virtual currency before moving on to the live platform.

KoinFox is the world’s first crypto platform to offer Bracket Orders for individual investors with an option of Trailing Stop Loss. Using this tool, KoinFox users can:

· Place Bracket Orders with ease

· Track status of active Brackets Orders

· Check history of their Bracket Orders

· Cancel Bracket or cancel Order

· Check market status with average spread % and opportunity for placing brackets.

· View trading indicators for better decision making

KoinFox shall also be adding many more intelligent trading tools in its platform such as Token Pools, Margin Trading, Mirror Trading, Algo Trading and Arbitrage, Derivatives, F&O in future..

Every KoinFox User Account comes with FREE access to its Smart & Secure native Digital Currency Wallet. Available as a mobile app on both android and iOS, the KoinFox Wallet is built using the best in class security protocols and allows users to store, earn, trade and spend digital currency:

· Securely store all their digital assets from various different chains like ERC 20, NEP5 , SHA256 etc. at one place with complete control in their hands.

· Earn automated airdrops from various block chains within the wallet, basis the global partnerships and access to Block chain communities that KoinFox offers.

· Login using this wallet to 100s of DAPPs, built on multiple chains like ETH, Stellar, NEO, EOS etc.

· Easy to set up & maintain API keys from multiple exchanges into one wallet, to track & Trade their crypto portfolios on multiple exchanges from one place.

· Sign their trades while using the Koinfox platform for multiple exchanges from within the wallet.

· Spend their digital assets at various DAPP market places from within the wallet

Initially, the KoinFox platform shall be available in limited markets globally. To access and register, please visit us at www.koinfox.com.

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