ConsenSys Monthly Report — November 2018

Ethereum dApps, enterprise blockchain solutions, most popular articles, upcoming events, and more.

“If the helicopter has any reputation at all, it is because of the men and women who fly them.”
–Igor Sikorsky, helicopter designer

If blockchain technology has any reputation at all, it is because of the people behind it––the developers who write the code, the security experts who audit smart contracts, the designers who simplify UX, the historians and systems theorists who remind us of humankind’s power to reorganize, the social impact teams who are providing faster, frictionless aid, the creatives who hash art to the chain, the storytellers who have dramatized the stakes of making it to Web3, and the users and adopters who are already working peer-to-peer.

Last month, we came back from Devcon IV determined to confront the technical challenges and opportunities that stand before the Ethereum ecosystem. So we’re building, testing, shipping, iterating. More projects are making their way to the market––some from concept to prototype, others from alpha to beta, and still more from testnets to mainnet. Legacy institutions are breaking out of their silos to join consortium networks and work together––in trade finance, supply chain management, energy distribution, and other global industries. Governments and enterprises get it. Ethereum is the IT infrastructure and business model of the future.

All the while, the engineers who are closest to the machine are attending to the protocol itself and layer 2 solutions to deliver throughput and privacy at scale. Ethereum clients are becoming more flexible, maintainable, certifiable. Encryption tools are more robust, and lighter-weight. Multi-sig wallets are going mobile.

November was the month for thanks. We’re thankful to all those who have helped Ethereum make a name for itself. As Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” For those of you who have used Ethereum to uncover the potential of human networks, the blockchain owes its reputation to you.

The ConsenSys Vision

Most Popular Articles

  1. Enterprise Ethereum: Blockchain Use Cases and Applications by Industry— These major sectors are already deploying Ethereum blockchain solutions to solve industry problems.
  2. MetaMask at DevCon: Privacy Standards, Mobile, and More — 1.3 million downloads later, how has MetaMask improved since last DevCon and where do we go from here?
  3. The First ConsenSys Tachyon Accelerator — Highlights from the teams behind Netherstorm, Fission, Groundhog, GlobalXplorer, and Quidli.

Social Media Hits

2018 @metamask_io by the Numbers 🦊 46 extension versions released 🛠 50k new lines of code ✅ 882 pull requests merged 💥 1400 issues closed 👯‍ 100+ community contributors 👥 18 full-time employees

 — @ConsenSys

Locations and Headcount

  • 20 office locations
  • 1000+ employees

Hub and Spoke Model

The ConsenSys “hub” spawns, incubates, and accelerates “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments, and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the Ethereum blockchain.



Our blockchain venture studio. Labs incubates the best teams of Web3 across the globe, providing them capital, mentorship, and access to ConsenSys’ network of top-tier projects and talent.


Our educational institution. Academy’s mission is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap.


Our enterprise arm. Solutions brings blockchain to businesses, helping enterprises, governments, non-profits, and startups across the globe build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions. Solutions offers education, advisory, and development services, as well as opportunities for joint ventures and co-creation.

Social Impact

ConsenSys Social Impact is leveraging emerging technologies to solve the world’s most pressing issues.


Capital is our constellation of financial service offerings for digital assets and blockchain-based companies, and also includes token sale advisory and a venture capital studio.

  • Token Foundry. A global platform that enables anybody to safely, securely, and fairly buy vetted tokens and digital assets.
  • ConsenSys Ventures. Helps entrepreneurs in the blockchain ecosystem scale businesses through strategic capital and a worldwide network.


ConsenSys Diligence is committed to improving and protecting the Ethereum ecosystem by facilitating technical excellence, security guidelines, legal precautions, and ethical business practices.


Ethereal Summit brings together builders, philosophers, policy makers, artists, and humanitarians from around the world for two days of storytelling and knowledge sharing around how we can build our decentralized future together using blockchain technology.

Alliances and Initiatives

The Brooklyn Project

An industry-wide initiative to promote token-powered economic growth and consumer protection.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

The industry’s first global standards organization for delivering an open, standards-based architecture and specification to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Ethereum.

Rimble Design System

An open source Web3 design system spearheaded by ConsenSys Design.


A think tank initiative for designing technically and functionally sound consumer tokens and business models.

Upcoming Events

Cryptocurious? Honing your smart contract development? Explore our global events calendar for meetups, workshops, hackathons, and more.

Events Calendar - ConsenSys

Spokes and Ventures

An overview of ConsenSys platforms, applications, services, core components, dev tools, and infrastructure.


A community-curated registry of ad-supported websites. Community members are rationally incentivized to include or reject websites from the registry based on the merits of ad performance and inventory quality.


Liquidity management and international payments for decentralized financial networks.


A platform that makes it easy to find, price, and trade tokens peer-to-peer on the Ethereum blockchain.


A comprehensive suite of blockchain exploration, analysis, and forecasting products for the Ethereum network.


Financial and accounting tools for digital asset.


A community platform for proposing and crowdfunding public goods that contribute to their mission.

Bounties Network

Freelance task fulfillment, paying out in any Ethereum token upon successful completion.

BTC Relay

Ethereum smart contracts can trustlessly verify arbitrary Bitcoin transactions and payments.


Reinventing collective storytelling for a modern, decentralized, equitable world.


Decentralized basic income.


A platform for sustainable and trustworthy journalism using open governance and cryptoeconomics.

ConsenSys Capital Asset Management

Builds institutional market infrastructure for the emerging digital asset class.

ConsenSys Energy

Enterprise and industry-spanning blockchain solutions for the energy sector including trading, markets, and logistics.

Curation Markets

Using tokenized signals to reduce information asymmetry in the market.

Decrypt Media

A daily news site covering all things crypto and the advent of the decentralized web.

Drupal Ethereum

PHP JsonRPC client and Drupal integration.


Simulate your key token mechanisms to get on the awesome future usage timeline.


A decentralized peer assessment protocol forming the foundation of a universal academic system.


The easiest way to leverage the open source community to incentivize or monetize work.


Gnosis provides an open platform for businesses to create their own prediction market applications on the Ethereum protocol.


A governance platform for creating and managing complex decentralized and distributed organizations.


Leverages the public Ethereum blockchain to give consumers direct access to wholesale energy markets.


A decentralized platform for curated fundamental token research and analysis.


A scalable, standards-based, globally distributed cluster and API endpoint for Ethereum, IPFS, and other infrastructures.


An all-in-one enterprise SaaS platform that radically simplifies the creation and operation of secure blockchain networks and accelerates the journey from PoC to Production.


The Ethereum community’s technical knowledge network.


Swap cryptocurrencies without middlemen.


A simple knowledge base for the crypto-verse.


A community loyalty network that unites independent merchants and their customers to incentivize spending in the local economy.


A blockchain platform for creating, managing, and transferring fractional real estate ownership.


MetaMask is a browser extension that allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.


A .NET integration library for Ethereum allowing users to interact with Ethereum clients like geth or parity using RPC.

  • Metric: 397,000 downloads

Omega One

A decentralized, automated trade execution platform making crypto trading cheap and safe.


A blockchain-based protocol for the creation and execution of legal agreements in a user-friendly, compliant way.


A protocol engineering team building Ethereum tech for the public chain community and leading enterprises.


Securely connects smart contracts with accurate, computable real-world data.


The tools teams need to work decentralized and humanistically.


The Stow Protocol helps developers build dApps without cryptography or solidity expertise, and gives end-users control of their data.


A development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for Ethereum-based smart contracts and dapps.


Building multi-sided marketplaces to collect, validate, publish, and commercialize business-critical reference data.


A custody platform to safeguard crypto assets, with customizable smart accounts for diverse client needs.


A digital rights management platform enabling fairness, transparency, and profitability in music and creative works.


A self-sovereign identity management platform that allows users to register their own identity on Ethereum, send and request credentials, sign transactions, and securely manage keys and data.


A secure, efficient derivatives trading platform on Ethereum that matches traders in secure zero-sum smart contracts.


A blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, tracking assets, and building the supply chains of the future.

Virtue Poker

A peer-to-peer community poker platform built on trust, transparency, and provably fair gaming.


Profiles and distributed database infrastructure for Ethereum.

  • Metric: 1,692 NPM installs
  • Releases: Ethereum Profile––add your info once and share it across dApps.

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