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From data privacy to DeFi to open source, here are the reasons blockchain matters to everyone this holiday

“Talk is cheap,” Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, once said. “Show me the code.”

Most days, we say that, too.

But some days, talk matters. The story matters. Today is one of those days.

Today, you’ll probably find yourself around people who have not heard of blockchain technology, or are confused by it. Some of them might know the jargon, but get it mixed up. Some of them might only be familiar with the other “B” word — Bitcoin. Some of them might be skeptics, which is healthy. They’ll put your storytelling to the test.

Most of us fell down the blockchain rabbit hole because at some point someone we trust told us a good story about the past and future of the Internet. Today you might have the opportunity to tell that story to someone else.

What is a good story?

You know what it feels like, at least. A good story is one you’ll look up from your phone or plate for, pivot your chair for, stay up late to read. You’ll feel it in your brainstem. There’s a story here.

A good story activates that three hundred thousand year old wiring which wonders, as Lisa Cron writes, “What am I going to learn here that will help me not only survive, but prosper?”

A good story has a character and a conflict that places them under pressure. The choice the character makes under pressure reveals their true character.

The character: you, me, everybody. The conflict: what you thought was yours is not. Your data. Your money. Your code. Your Internet. Your world. The choice: whether you shake off the numbing comfort of digital life today and take the Internet back.

If you make one thing clear today, make it clear that we have a choice.

Think about where you want your story to begin…

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